Yummy soya chunks,swede,parsnip and leek recipe



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Yummy soya chunks, swede, parsnip and leek recipe

This is gorgeous if you are in to trying soya for the first time or just love soya…plus it is lovely to taste When you follow through the recipe it is simple and generous when served. The portion is big !

When creating it or reading my menu don’t get bored just know it is simple and enjoyable as after you’ve done all the work you can just put it on high flame and put the lid on it and then sit down and have a cuppa or something!

I will start to give ingredients soon and the method and also attach a place you can get the click here soya chunks from and they are so economical and last ages and form plenty meals, very good for inventing- if you wish more meals.

At the bottom of the page is what the lovely Yummy soya chunks, swede, parsnip and leek recipe looks like this is the actual meal.

I usually ‘eat it up’ just like this ! But I know any suggestions ‘side salad’ or and ‘rice’- it is up to you … side dishes… I will leave this up to you !


click here Soya chunks, tesco veggie stock cube, onion, garlic, parsnip.swede tomato puree and olive oil…black pepper and mixed herbs …that is it. Also, some water …


saucepan.wooden spoon & a knife and a plate or bowls to serve it up on

Method of preparation

Well I take saucepan and add a 1/4 of it full of water.

  1. Click here Add Soya chunks

    2. Add onions and garlic and veggie stock cubes

    3.chop swede and peel and chop the parsnip and add in with the chunks

    4.add leek which give cut through middle and cut into cube chunks

    5 put black pepper mixed herbs squeeze tomato puree and a largish dollop of olive oil

    6. Place lid on top and cook at high heat till all fluids gone into paste and the meal should be ready

    Usual but i have left the weights and measurements up to you

    I have left out the quantity as this will be up to you depending on who you feed. But with the swede I added about 2 oz, only 1 parsnip onion 1/4 and 2 garlic gloves leek 1/3 of large leek.Soya only about 3-4 oz or check by 4-5 handfuls.

    It is a very simple recipe comes out like a stew and very tasty.

    If you need any support with this recipe please contact me. I bought most of the products from Tesco’s except for the click here soya chunks which you can purchase from here.

    Of course, you can stir with wooden spoon from time to time and the knife had been used to chop vegetables. The dish can be seen below and is very nice. Compliment it with whatever suits you a raw lettuce salad or rice it is up to you.

    Pleased to have let you know this recipe and hope you try it. Anyone know any supporting soya recipes please let me and others know .

    Thank you my email detail is antheacharles220@gmail.com