Vegetarian food where do i go from here ?



Vegetarian food where do I go from here ?

I would have really loved to have my own article to sell as I find the commissions on the vegan and vegetarian products’ food businesses are very low and would take thousands of purchases for me to create and income. I had to think why as these business are sprouting out everywhere suddenly and I had to generate a possibility that they are a lot of them grant funded. Possibly the bigger ones that have they own products’ are doing really well..and/or are helping the improving growing lifestyles

As I said before, Vegetarian food where do I go from here ? How do I create what I want to do. I figure it doesn’t have to be a product that is food and recipes business and hoped for healthy alternative therapies…possibly I am lost.

One thing I did realize is that I couldn’t make much click here money with food and thought to just engage my business to that which offers something like recipes, as I stated maybe.possibly it will take me a while to attach a product for customers to purchase. At least to purchase for themselves.

However, it gives good to add a detail of click here vegan and vegetarian restaurants and also its nice to be creative with simple recipes. Also, bear in mind that most or all restaurants always have some menu’s vegetarian too.

I reckon if I look around and attach a product through drop shipping ‘will it work’ …do I lack the compassion for this work… as I do usually buy to resell. I don’t seem to lack it with my other business where I sell gold and silver. Is it that I should not commence with this business. These are all my questions ..

I will source around again and see if I can attach myself to some product as the niche is definite possibly not only vegetarian or vegans will approach me though I think well and will go with it.

Hope this will work, it doesn’t have to be too dramatic but just some progress would help me with this project.

Something regulated and responsive I keep thinking of a lightweight sachet… I will look around and then use it when I find it.

It could be my character if I can’t manage to afford something then I can’t go forward…bearing in mind all the things I have had to create did not take any money what soever…as I am clear in my capacity and do invent plenty. My need is to asset build and generate a product which is simple to use and who knows how its introduced… I reckon I feel like I should be just pouring water into it. Whether it is hot or cold fluid I don’t know yet…its just a picture in my mind..which when I have it I will launch… I reckon I will have to also put it on eBay as I am not going to let my product down…..

The cross to have just one other product attached to my page that isn’t gold or silver won’t hurt I reckon it will blossom …so hopeful my next blog will have me finding it…help me if you do know of a sachet lightweight product please let me UK only though..thank you .

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Lots of (Love) to you and please keep well Anthea xx UP THE VEGETAIANS AND VEGANS xx