Vegetarian Curry Recipe



‘Vegetarian Curry’ Recipe

I love a hot curry although some love a mild curry is fair to say I use the hot curry powder instead of the mild blended ones .

I tend to love a bit of sweating or not really sweating but the strong seasoning and to taste each flavor that goes through even if ‘hot’ but to still be able to taste the other vegetables in the meal.

The vegetables can be varied and it is entirely up to you which ones you use… I tend to know it is going to be strong so also use cucumber to mellow the flavors down too and it helps to keep flavors.

Also, coming from Caribbean my curry is not traditional to any country but just invented. I believe what I invent and create is different each time so not always written down…here it allows me the opportunity to write one at least down and to share. Bear in mind the ingredients are not to vast and even when using just small does create a large enough consistency. On of the things in my country Dominica is that most things are passed on verbally and not always written down

Also, the Rice used can be basmati or long grained or Long grain wild rice which is a rice I get from a tesco stores ‘own brand rice’.

But the choice is plentiful as they are well over 365 types of rice, especially Thailand types and it is entirely up to you the type you use.

I will start by creating a list of ingredients required for this menu.

Ingredients( recipe for 2 to 3 people)

100 grams Rice

1 medium potato (To be diced )

1/2 carrot, 1/2 parsnip & 1 slice swede (All to be diced )

1/2 onion & 2 cloves garlic (To be chopped )

2 mushrooms or 1 ……it is up to you if you like these in flavoring (to be diced)

chunk of cucumber (cut into cubes small ones)

1/3 of a leek (To be cut in center halved and then diced )

Black pepper

Curry powder hot madras is a nice make or tesco’s own brand. Use whichever other you think suitable, one you are familiar with .

Either fresh tomato or 2-4 tablespoons of chopped tinned tomato, or tomato puree

Thyme or mixed herbs

dollop of vegetarian olive oil

1 stock vegetable cube ( if you wish you can add a vegetarian stock cube ) / NOTE:Or as you have tomato base you can decide if you require this too by yourself .

Equipment required

2 large sauce pans,1 wooden spoon,1 la dell,1 knife, tin opener for tomatoes if using tinned ones,& serving plates, weigh scales

Method of cooking both menu’s

Rice Menu :

1. Please weigh 100 grams of rice and place in saucepan .

2. Wash rices out and use warmish to cold water.

3. Place about 1 & 1/2 to 2 inches of water in saucepan above rice

4. Place this on Stowe to boil and cook

Cooks quite quickly so please allow your own observation around less than or bit over 20minutes

Vegetable curry Menu:

1. Second saucepan place 2 inches of cold water in base of the saucepan.

2. Peel the potato, parsnip, carrot & swede onion and garlic

3/Wash those the potato, parsnip, carrot, swede onion and garlic with warmish to cold water

4. Place saucepan with the water on the Stowe

5. Use the knife and cut the potato into 3- then into cubes and place in the water, Do the same with the parsnip, carrot, swede onion and garlic and dice them and place in saucepan

Second stage

  1. 6. Add black pepper, Thyme and curry powder

    2. Add the tomatoes either fresh chopped or 2 table spoons of tinned chopped tomato

    3. Cut the leek through center and chop and add to saucepan

    4.chop and peel cucumber wash and add to saucepan

    5. Place a dollop of olive oil and let it all cook down

    5. As it cooks down you may add some extra water and let it all boil till cooked

    If you do also use a stock cube add it around the time you place in the tomatoes. If you do this bear in mind you will need to add more water at the end so not too salty

Half way there it is on the Stowe look.

Please try my recipe and if you like other vegetables add them but in small diced quantity If you wish to contact me my email is