Tangerine & lemon Juicer With Spring Water-cleanser



The juice can be more flowing Tangerine & lemon Juicer With Spring Water-cleanser(add natural yogurt for use as also facial cleanser)

Lovely and refreshing-we want to ensure no pips in the tangerines so buy the seedless ones. Take any pips out of the lemons too. I have not a ever seen seedless lemons so you’ll have to remove them yourself.

Lovely spring water either bought or I usually boil my water.

Using a distiller can if you want to be useful in your kettle … I reckon one can go too far and it will be alright ! With or without a distiller.

Make your own quality level drink

Lightly applied drink with a trace or if you want more quantity of the fruit in it add it. Remember it is a refresher drink so I think although not a sparkling ‘with soda’ drink- it is still supposed to be ‘refreshing.’

Don’t over power it ! Don’t use any sugar or sweeteners!

So we have got this far we know we are simply using natural fruit base with ample spring water as a refresher. We can use it as a potent refresher or just a lightly tangy of a refresher… I will leave this up to you.

  1. I use a very small at base of bottom of glass and then add remainder as clear spring water.

    Plenty of lovely suggestions can go here like different fruit or adding aloe Vera or any suggestions please let others know your support and response so important.

Although this picture shows a lemon I tend to cut them the other way width ways not a by length so the juice can be more forthcoming.

A refresher …lovely sparkling feeling refreshing without using soda water…just ordinary spring water. No application of sugar. Can use natural fruit that will give the natural taste. Although adjust and place in tiny quantity like not a too much as it is for refreshing and the taste will be just that not a too sweet but a freshener.

  1. Only include natural yogurt if doing a cleanser for a facial

    2. Remember it is just a refresher and only leave on for about 15 minutes if also doing a facial. Then wash off with warmish water then cold water and pat your face dry.

    Alternately instead of adding both the lemon and orange or tangerine you can also use just the lemon and yogurt or the tangerine or orange base with plain yogurt.

    You be adventurous and also recall cucumber is good.LOVELY..I use this grated when using cucumber and de peel the tangerines and de pip the lemons and one can place between 2 tablespoons to squash a bit before placing in the yogurt..be versatile try your own ways too…

    It can’t hurt only refresh and cleanse. With this you can either and also do it that 2 spoon way or just squeeze juice and use by placing it in the yogurt.

    Thank you for reading my page don’t be worried about trying anything it is all natural and the refresher is lovely in the morning.

    My email is antheahcarles220@gmail.com should you wish to chat have lovely day …..Anthea xx