Sweet potato simple recipe



Sweet potato in its jacket /recipe for 2

Ingredients : 2 small sweet potatoes,100 grams cheddar cheese, olive oil, butter.Note please use cheese suitable for vegetarians and if vegan please use cheese suitable for vegans,if neither and would just like to try my recipe use the cheese you love to use .

Oven heated at number 7 and requires a metal tray so potatoes can be placed on to it.

Equipment :1 knife,1 grater, A plate or 2 separate plates for presentation


Method to cook

1 )Wash both sweet potatoes as best you can I always give a good rub too.

2)Place them both in the metal tray

3)Use the knife to firstly pierce through both of them one at a time make about 3 digs in each.

4)Take a tiny drop of the olive oil and place 1 tiny drop on each sweet potato, then place in oven marked 7 or quite high as you can .

5)These tend to soften faster than ‘ordinary potato in its jacket’ so I would keep a check on them allowing not more than 45 minutes and hopefully less…but you will have to keep a check on them.Turning them once or twice.

6)While the sweet potato is in oven grate the cheese.

7)Once sweet potato is cooked remove from oven .

8)Cut both sweet potatoes right in the middle and place a bit of butter, only small amount.

9)Then add an even quantity of the cheddar cheese to the centre cutting of the potato.

These are ready to be served and have a lovely taste I would if you love  serve with a lovely salad.

This what sweet potatoes look like in case they are new to you and you have not tried them before see picture below .

Please let me know if you have any further recipes like these and please leave supportive comments and share .Also my email is antheacharles220@gmail.com should you wish to contact me