Spinach Shepherd’s Cheese Pie



Spinach Shepherd’s Cheese Pie

I used to make this about 4 years ago and use Potatoes INCLUDED IN MY RECIPE. Now I DO NOT EAT Potatoes HOWEVER AND HAVE SUBSTITUTED SWEDE. So WITH THIS RECIPE I MAY NOT HAVE A PICTURE OF THE END RESULT WITH POTATOES. But will give your the recipe and also do one with swede, so your can Gage idea of what it looks like once completed

With the potato topping I add cheddar cheese too, but with the swede topping I do not use cheddar cheese. It is a swede venture to deduce the consumption of carbohydrates

It is not a punishment though it tastes lovely with the Swede but some will prefer the potato and cheese with the spinach shepherds pie which is the reason I have given your both recipes

Ingredients are easy to apply and simple.and I will start by detailing the ingredients to the recipe.

Ingredients (For 2 people)

2 Potatoes

50 grams Cheddar cheese

1/2 onion & 2 cloves garlic

100 grams Spinach

2 large mushrooms

1 tomato

Black pepper

tiny amount butter or non added it is up to your

sprinkle of salt non-compulsory it is up to your

Equipment needed

glass Pyrex or metal dish- with depth

1 knife

1 Spatula

Cheese grater

1 bowl for mixing the potato with cheese and non compulsory butter

2 Saucepans

1 Wooden spoon ^ Potato masher manual or electric


  1. Peel and wash potatoes and cut into chunks

    2. Place an amount of water in saucepan

    3. Place potatoes in saucepan and place on Stowe top

    4. Let potatoes cook

    5. Chop onions and garlic ready to place in spinach and chop tomato

    6. Grate all cheese

    1. Place small amount of water in 2nd saucepan

    2. Add Spinach to the saucepan

    2. Place onions and garlic and black pepper, non-compulsory salt and tomato

    3. Bring this to cook and boil a bit

    4. Once cooked remove fluid if any excess

    5. Line dishes with small quantity of cheese and place liquid free spinach on top in Place in Pyrex or metal dish

    6. Use the bulk of cheese and place in potato and mash it together can include compulsory butter small quantity.(Please leave small amount of cheese for the top of the dish)

    7. Then once creamy mashed add it to top of spinach in dish and then place the small quantity of cheese sprinkling to the top.

    8. Place this in the oven nice strong flame and allow baking about 20 to 30 minutes or fewer observe for yourself when crispy. Then this is cooked and cheese melted on top.

    Please bear with me I have no pictures of end result try it and use quantity your love if needing to be increased for number of people I tend to use 30-50 grams cheese per person and your may want less or more vary to your own needs. Also, with spinach I tend to throw whole packet in when there are 3 people to cook for but your observe for yourself. Butter I do not use as already has cheese.

    I hope your understand this recipe I have tried but haven’t baked it for some time as I do not eat potato now or carbohydrates as thyroids and find weight dropping without too much fat and potatoes and rice or bread. I still eat a porridge water non milk based or can use and stick to soya’ based things even in milks.

    All my menus are created to adjust and keep these things out or down carbohydrates, fat salt sugar milks and substitute them with plant or veg base and are very enjoyable. There instead of using the potato I would use swede for topping part. I also do not eat cheddar cheese now but Feta cheese sparingly.

    I hope this recipe help your and then also allows space to enjoy other foods during the day. It is not a diet food but just an adjustment to use swede and if your wish your may try this recipe that way too.

    Please contact me on email antheacharles220@gmail.com if your need more help with this recipe thank your, Anthea xx Remember one can still enjoy life if your are a thyroidal or have another imbalance in life just learn how to moderate and alter the things your body loves and not just eat like other people who are too far gone…but eat to your own healing.