Spinach and Tomato



This is a lovely meal and I do love my Soya however you may like it with something else pasta or rice it’s entirely up to you ! Whichever you chose I will just do the recipe for ‘Spinach and tomato; and also let you see the end result when I put Soya sticks in mine. So you can not include soya sticks or include them and you can also have rice or whatever with this meal.

Spinach and tomato

(Recipe feeds 4 or more depending on portion sizes)



100grams leaf spinach       (I use either Tesco’s or Sainsburys)

1 Tin chopped tomatoes

1/2 Onion

2 Garlic cloves

small amount of olive oil


1 vegetable stock cube, black pepper & mixed herbs or spice of herbs you like


1 large non- stick frying pan

1 knife

1 wooden spoon

largish bowl


1) place no-stick frying pan on the Stowe

2)Add small amount of olive oil (like 1/2 or 1 tablespoon)


4)Now chop garlic and place in

5)Chop shred the lettuce and place it in

6)Add stock cube black pepper and spice or herbs

Should smell lovely !Use wooden spoon to stir ! 

7)IF you have any other spice or mushroom or whatever i haven’t listed in recipe you would like to add please do

8)Stir well and add water (have to access for yourself how much *start with cup initially

should be boiling leave it to boil but not so the spinach becomes too soft 

9)Add 100 grams spinach to top and let it continue to cook stirring 

10)It shouldn’t take that long less than 20 mins please check for yourself and please ensure you stir 

11)Once read can be place in lovely bowl ready for serving 

Thank you these are simple recipes and i hope you enjoy them .i will leave my email should you wish to contact me thank you its antheacharles220@gmail.com

Should look like this see picture below

Now this is the part that you may not do if you are going to eat your meal with rice or pasta.This is the part i do ,i usually place some of the meal into another saucepan then add soya stick as no one in my family likes soya accept for me *i love it.See my meal from this original make up down below ,and obviously if i do this i do not have the rice or if having pasta the pasta.