Spicy veggie with soya chunks



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Spicy veggie with soya chunks

This has a gorgeous taste for all those who eat soya meals and is lovely as a main meal. I put this meal with corn on the cob but you may love it with rice, cous-cous ..this is entirely up to you .

The ingredients are all low in calorie although this is not purposely but just it turned out like this. Also, with the vegetables. I have soaked them in a small amount of vinegar for a few hours then used them later to cook with the soya..this creates a lovely flavor on top of other ingredients.


1.2 sticks celery

2.1 Tomato

3. Small amount of red sweet pepper about 1 oz or just a small cutting.

4. Onion small cutting

5. Chunk of Cucumber

6. Tomato paste or dollop of tomato ketchup and a veggie tesco stock cube or whichever brand you like.

7. Olive oil 1 large dollop

8.Soya 3 to 4 oz or an amount suitable to you or (measure to 3 to 4 hand fulls )

9. Black pepper and mixed herbs or thyme small shake amount

10. Water

11. Corn on cob in my case but you can add what suits you



1. Saucepan or 2 if doing another dish like rice or corn on cob

2.2 dinner plates

3. Sharp knife for cutting vegetables

4. Wooden spoon

5. Serving dish or place in plates.


All vegetables to be diced so we start with -see below

1. Take 2 celery sticks and wash with sold water. Then cut the celery long ways through the center and if this needs 4 times and you are left with 4 pieces per celery stick this is great. Then dice each strand and place on a plate. Do this with both celery sticks and place all diced pieces on a plate.

2. Take a tomato chop off and then dice. Place on same plate with celery.

3. Chop and dice red sweet pepper and the Cucumber. Place in same plate as celery and tomato.

4. Dice the onion and place on same plate with all the other vegetables.

5. Put a small amount of vinegar on top of vegetables, then cover with another plate leave to settle and do not place in fridge…but just in safe corner…as it will be ready to use later. I create this section at lunchtime then use at dinner time, but I think it should also be able to be created on the spot.

Next part of recipe

1. Get saucepan and put a bit of water in base. Chuck in a veggie stock cube.and it should be on the Stowe at a higher flame

2. Put all the vegetables in the saucepan, chuck the soya chunks on top

3. Add small amount of black pepper and mixed herbs and a squirt of tomato paste or tomato ketchup. Then add a dollop on olive oil can be 2 dollops.

4. Stir and leave to boil till thickened recall on nice high flame though watch t and if need to lower flame when do so.

5. Additional but I love it with salad cream so in picture you may see dollop of this. Also in a separate saucepan to boil corn on cob as very short span. Not compulsory you love it …is up to you.

But when MEAN SOYA RECIPE COOKED place all in another dish or a plate and if you do want larger quantity. Add accordingly. Please see picture below I cooked this yesterday 10/6/21 .

Please do leave all comments below this is a sharing recipe, but if you can add more to it or offer another recipe please do and my email is antheacharles220@gmail.com