Soya chunks recipe



When we buy these soya chunks they come in quite a large amount 500gms and they are really nicely priced…please don’t throw in the whole packet to cook 50,75 TO 100GMS WEIGHT WILL DO .

Soya chunks (SOYA Chunks – 500g)


Recipe I use when cooking with these Soya chunks

Ingredients :Onions, Garlic Tomato puree black pepper thyme and small amount of water initially then added later small amount of olive oil.


STEAM soya chunks in small amount of water only base of saucepan amount,

Then add black pepper, thyme, tomato puree place lid of saucepan on. They soften. Then add tablespoon or more but only small amount of olive oil. Also, please note you can also brown them without putting in olive oil for those who don’t need too much fat in their bodies.

Also, there are many different flavours you can add to these including browning with ‘mar- mite’ which is good B12 and good be a lovely additional vitamin boost and flavouring. I will leave it to you too discover more recipes using soya chunks

Let them brown and if you do like salt can add small amount too. Ready to eat as side dish or pick me up.

Please note this is only simple recipe and if you have any more inventions when cooking soya chunks please share them. Leave comments and this is my email is should you need to contact me.