Simple Tomato Peasant Dish Recipe



Simple Tomato Peasant Dish Recipe

All recipes I create cannot really harm you even if you are watching weight but please check and now for yourself for example if you cannot eat tomatoes as some have allergies. In fact, I used to have what I called ‘HOW COME” years ago when each time I eat them I would become tensed and tempered.

I am not saying this is going to happen to you and also I would think I am falling off of high things in my head and couldn’t cope with putting one in my mouth. So please not saying people are like me as I love ones own character to be there’s.

But please ensure you have no problems with batting tomatoes…and saying that in case it is the olive oil.’laugh out loud’ I reckon it is a ‘peasant dish’ and hope no one goes funny from eating it. As all to me should love to try recipes but I don’t have any ‘hang ups’. In case someone thinks not to eat it references it is ‘title’.

I would just like to bust past all this and let you feel it – lovely and hope you do try it-if it is possible for you to. Please for no reason don’t let yourself prevent trying’S LIKE SOME PEOPLE EAT IN HARRODS EVERY DAY.

MY POINT IS THAT THINGS ARE GROWN ORGANIC AND HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS AND THEREFORE NO PERMITTED POINTS BECAUSE OF WEALTH, I RECKON in the vine or ground therefore welcome to everyone. Grown naturally without any hurtful ailments in its growth.

I love the fact they are lovely for healing cancers -can you let me have advice if you have you heard anything else about them?.

It’s me I had not been able before then someone introduced me to the dish and I said I will eat it knowing all peasants are wealthy that they have the natural art I didn’t have, I would have loved to be able to grown them instead of always getting packed things from the shop …

So here goes with the recipe …..and the equipment is so little and simple and that is it really !


1 or 2 fresh tomatoes

Sea salt or ordinary table salt

Fresh bread brown or white I prefer brown and can be a fresh baked roll if you love them

Olive oil


1 bowl


Please wash the tomatoes

Please don’t ‘take out the pleasure’ just place the tomato in the bowl and just squash with your hand in the bowl

Please do this above thing squash in bowl with both tomatoes.

When tomato has become open, then add a quantity of Olive oil

Then sprinkle with sea salt or ordinary salt

Yummy the dish is ready and you can then break the bread and dip it into it and eat. This part is a gorgeous part of it that you have used your hands and the brad and tomato salt and oil taste lovely. This is the tomato peasant dish I do hope you try it and enjoy it

Should you wish to contact me my email is thank you for reading and please try my recipes and lovely to hear from you with comments thank you