Organic herbal teas



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Well I decided as I used to make my own teas years ago..and a friend of mine a good pal in fact the pal I created this site for who has since passed away. Introduced me to a genuine business deal, the arrangement being I could have my own teas created and have them in Holland and Barrett shop.

CAN YOU IMAGINE. I had been a young girl then and I went along to visit the business factory plant where they said oh yes we can accept your product and would love to take it on. Well I had been please I love my product and called it SCOOP TEA. I loved the fact I could just scoop it possibly using the amount I want..then that business proposal suggested they were so happy to place my tea in a TEA BAG.

Well I didn’t seem to see the picture and didn’t take it on. I thought at least I have my own way of making tea and not to go forward…with that I have chosen to sell teas… I do not drop ship or affiliate I buy to resell so when purchased there will also be a postage amount … Thank you, Anthea xx

Organic herbal teas

In my younger days I used herbal teas a great deal to detox and also lived a completely detoxed life daily.

AS I HAD BEEN BORN WITH A THYROID DISBALANCE I DON’T KNOW ANY DIFFERENT SO TO ME IT IS NATURALTO USE SOMETHING SOOTHING. So herbal teas natural with ‘no sweetener’ helped me a great deal. My point had also been to deter ailments and reduce pain ordinary things like headaches. I think I had also been a bit unconscious then as although I had been going through things I had not known my life cycle to its fullest.

The teas I have chosen are packaged and boxed and in tea bag form and I love them so with these I am OK… I feel great the fact I have found them and want to use them to improve things for others enjoyable wise and soothing wise.

I think I will also put them on my e bay bag to get direct contact with customers as it can be a long haul with people who do read my pages but are dubious and its good to have a presentation page….

there will only be 2 types of tea I present for sale.

So please enjoy as I have chosen them well.

Lemongrass tea and or

Birchall Great Rift Breakfast Tea – 15 Plastic-Free Prism Tea Bags…well at least up to date I love them both the lemon grass and the black tea is gorgeous its actually called

click her Great Rift Breakfast Tea

They are with it what a lovely taste and healthy the with it is to not use plastic for teabags although I didn’t know tea bags were issues I didn’t know they had plastic on the bags oh am I getting it wrong?


I am pleased I found them although I think many found them before me I reckon they are fantastic and you should not go by my heart say but try some …

Originated on an estate in Africa what more can I want the genuine bush herbal tea… I still love them lose though but at least the flavor is lovely.

You see the lemon grass one I will put it on my click here page soon

or if you don’t find on my page there is a link to it on the bottom of each page of my below blogs…thank you .Please share or leave comments and thank you for your support Anthea xx email SORRY UK BUYERS ONLY .