Lentils- side dish recipe



Green or brown lentils- side dish lentil

Bear in mind the tiny things are hard and need a cooking span of 45mins or if less forgive me. I have sometimes had to observe and always allow 1 hour. Depending on the solidity of each and the thickening to the way I love them to be. I love them and don’t know why I buy the dry ones but haven’t tasted them in tins maybe they do come partially cooked I don’t know but I always start with mind from the dried range…so here goes.

I don’t usually weigh these but just know the quantity I think is right to cook but bear in mind that 50-100grams makes quite a big meal once you have added the other vegetables. Why I don’t weigh them is I love them so much so if any left I can always eat throughout the day…if I want.

Ingredients required for Green or brown lentil side dish

100grams green or brown lentils,1/2 an onion,2 cloves garlic, 1 veggie stock cube and 1/2 carrot.sprinkle of black pepper, sprinkle of mixed herbs, small amount tomato puree & 3/4 full saucepan of water.

Equipment required

1) One saucepan, 2)1 wooden spoon, 3)1 knife. 4)bowl for serving.




1) Place 100grams of green or brown lentils in saucepan

2) Bring saucepan over to sink using warm hot to cold water washing several times, emptying out water in intervals and re-washing ending with final wash cold water.

3) After wash full saucepan 3/4 full or almost to top of saucepan leaving space from the top of saucepan.

4)Place 3/4 full saucepan with lentil base on a high fire I usually use back of the right-hand side burner on the Stowe.

5) Peel onion garlic and carrot and wash all with cold water.

6)Sprinkle a bit of black pepper and mixed herbs on cooking lentils.

7) Chop onion into small dice cube or however you wish and garlic and carrot and place in the saucepan on top of the lentils

8)Add the stock cube vegetable based one and a small amount of tomato puree.

9)Let it cook for as long as there is water showing and bring it to the boil.checking all the way as you go along and giving a stir with the wooden spoon.45-1 hour or if less depends on what quantity and the heat levels so if you put too little water we don’t want to be left with hard or half hard lentils.so please let it boil thoroughly and all the flavors blend and stir once in while. You will come to the stage where it has thickened and the water no longer showing. This is mine I made for myself this morning (see picture above).when thick all the lentils should be ready to eat and soft in cent re.

10) Ready to place in bowl do this remember the saucepan is hot you will need to hold that handle with either a towel or coven gloves and then use the wooden spoon to empty into bowl or you could use a soup spoon.

Ready to eat and if you want can be left in saucepan and water added to it to reheat. Also in my next mini blog I will do a recipe on my lentil soups so look out for it. I love Lentils and tend to use this side dish on Sunday with my roast potatoes and macaroni cheese when mum and daughter enjoy it. I myself because I have a thyroid issue I only eat this and leave rest out I find it lovely and nourishing…please do leave comments and my email address is antheacharles220@gmail.com