Homely Lentil Family Soup



Homely Lentil Family Soup

Gorgeous and you will be amazed how vegetables can spread a long way

When I make this I am always so surprised the amount of mouths it feeds, and still has some more for seconds should you want it. All healthy stuff too and good for Protein intake and the nutrients that come from all the vegetables. My family love it and i prepare it on a regular basis hence my title ‘Family Lentil Soup’.

Winter or summer Autumn, whatever the season its lovely to eat and what I do is moderate the flour ingredients when making the dumplings but it is still nice… I do this just to not make the gut overwork and therefore make them smaller and less thick. I will let you have equipment.ingredients method details now please see below .

Equipment required for this menu

1 large saucepan,

1 wooden spoon

1 ladle, A bowl

1 knife can have calendared for washing veg if you like or I wash individually by hand.

Ingredients for ‘Family Lentil Soup’

  1. Lentils ( brown or green)-100 gm


    black pepper and thyme herbs sprinkle to your own quantity

  1. small potato


    2 garlic gloves and half onion

    1/4 green cabbage to little over


    2 veggie stock cubes

    1/3 of a cucumber


    half a carrot



    1/3 of a leek




    1/2 parsnip

    small slice of swede



    20-30gm plain flour sparing add water to this to create dumpling



    Method of preparation to start cooking



    1) Place the lentils into the saucepan and bring to sink and give a good wash



    2)Then fill saucepan to the top, well almost leaving about 1 & 1/2 inch gap from top of saucepan.Then Fill With cold water.



    3)Place on a fast high burning flame on back Stowe of the cooker



    4)Place black pepper and thyme quite a bit to the top of the water. Also, place 2 stock cubes in I break these in pieces.



    5)Peel potato, carrot, onion, garlic, parsnip, swede, chop the leek and wash in cold or warmish water.(can place on calendar or I use saucepan lid-(wash all of these)



    6)Add Potato diced, add carrot diced, add parsnip diced and add swede diced.onions and garlic diced -add these too.



    7)Allow soup to boil for about 15minutes to 20 /minutes this is only initially



    8)wash cabbage and chop and use the already prepared leeks also peel the cucumber.



    9)Add chopped leeks to boiling lentil soup, then the cucumber chunks diced into it-let it keeps boiling and stir every now and again



    10)should be boiling will bring the water to less than half the saucepan then add your cabbage in sliced portions



    11)use the small bowl and mix the  plain flour with small amount of water possibly measured by tablespoons about 2 but check the thickness for yourself adding water if required. Recall we do not want the dumplings to over absorb the dish just make them dainty in small sections roll them and pop them in soup.



    All this has to boil and thicken and will be very tasty and your job is to make sure all water removed and soup thickened then you will know all within it inclusive dumplings are cooked and ready to eat.



    Piping hot you can use the ladle to serve it up this quantity will serve up to 4 people or more

    This is my ‘Homely Family Lentil Soup’ its lovely to eat and enjoy trying it out should you attempt to want more flavour you may add mushrooms



    contact me my email is antheachares220@gmail.com and please leave comments below.Note ‘GM’ in measurement stand for grams