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Healthy supplements

we are in a trying time and one with plenty of climate change. Most of the span I use natural vegetables and raw vegetables and meals cooked water based steamed and I find this very beneficial to decease the use of oil. My need not clog up the body but to give it that breathing span which will become more natural as you implant into it the water based energies that heal. Saying all that – oil can also be helpful to lubricate the skin.

Most of our body matter being formed with plenty water. I DO ENJOY WATER BASED DISHES AS I KNOW I SEASON AND SPICE UP WHATEVER I AM COOKING IN FRACTIONAL SMALL AMOUNT OF WATER NO OIL. I would recommend this to anyone as very good for health and the least poly-satuates in the body the best. Either rapeseed oil or olive being better for you.

I am in fact an occasional healthy supplement user by this I mean I do not often but occasionally use vitamins to supplement my health line. Ones I use are Vitamin A vitamin b12 and I love aloe Vera. I do think it is still necessary to have aloe Vera on regular basis but the other 2 sparingly. I will therefore create a section of this business not only for cupboard food and cosmetic but I will also include a section on supplementary help products and ones which are edible.

To My friends in the world who have any types of thyroid issues

Using water base steam cooking is a must and is very helpful to keeping a good balance to your day. You see I did not get ill with Thyroids at a later time in my life.No at the age of less than 1 day old I had thyroids and an operation to remove fluids from the neck and then later in life another one to remove the gland. So as it is I had a challenging life always ups and downs with food “my genuine friend Prince “used to say to me you have an in balance ‘.

With knowing this putting oil in all my food and in my life is like being ‘murdered’ or ‘done in’. My brain it starts to over express itself and I can’t quite find satisfaction ‘like being poisoned’.

I would like to attract more people who have thyroid issues and gland problems and we could assist each other and share ‘implementation of the process of food ‘by this I mean how to use it as an energy to create balance and healing and satisfaction in our life. With water based steamed foods it is an art. You actually bless your food with only a small amount of water in the saucepan and this is your whole base. You add seasoning and whatever you cook to it and amplify the ups and downs of vegetation like if you love onion and garlic mushroom and tomato add to quantity required or carrots. I suggest you will only require very small amounts or even halving that amount, as the build up when you do start cooking suddenly turns to more than you expected.

When I live a water based life you will start to feel the feeling and without the oil based foods you will start to not crave for doughnuts and biscuits and other things’ you can then try to steer towards more fruit and generous other things’ veggie and raw carrots …the choice is plentiful. You will then become satisfied.

As I stated earlier I do occasionally use B12 but can also get this from eating Marmite and the sun gives vitamin D but occasionally I eat vitamin D tablets…with this comes my story of presenting ‘SUPPLEMENTS’ to you and hope you will also use the water based food example given. If you want more support on the issue please do contact me as I would gladly love to share with you and support you if need help further.

Also, I would like to introduce supplements which are organic and vegan based supplements to your diet or and helpful in this energy boast to enhance and improve your energy base levels

Below is a product I will be introducing although because of c19 situation I will have to wait till lock down changes as it is hard to obtain co the post and to get it delivered to you so I will continue with it later but till then I will just let you have some details of what it is and what it contains.

You will be able to purchase it from my page on here and on my e bay page and sphock page till then this is just an update of the product (see below)***Links to be added when lock down changes

****NB THESE DETAILS ARE FROM THE SUPPLIERS***Originally based on a formula by master herbalist, Dr. John R. Christopher, with the addition of some other potent super foods, super fruits and herbs, it is an all-round multi-nutrient blend in easy-to-take capsules – no poorly-absorbed synthetic vitamins and minerals.

The broad-spectrum nutrients (which include phyto-chemicals, enzymes, dietary fibre, beneficial oils, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) are easily absorbed and used by the body, as they are in their natural food form and balanced state.

Each proprietary blend capsule provides:

Organic Greens Blend: *Pre-Sprouted Activated Barley, *Alfalfa, *Barley Grass, *Kelp, *Spiraling, *Wheatgrass

Organic Fruit and Berry Blend: *Bilberry, *Lemon Peel

Organic Vegetable Blend: *Beetroot, *Carrot, *Spinach

Other Organic Ingredients: *Dandelion Root, *Green Tea Leaf, *Turmeric

Ingredients: Capsule Shell: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) (not organic, Vegetarian), *Pre-Sprouted Activated Barley, *Alfalfa, *Barley Grass, *Beetroot, *Bilberry Fruit, *Carrot, *Dandelion Root, *Green Tea Leaf, *Kelp, *Lemon Peel, *Spinach Leaf, *Spiraling, *Turmeric, *Wheatgrass

* Certified organic ingredients: 100% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance with the rules of organic production. EU/non-EU agriculture. The herbs used in this food product are grown to the highest organic standards.

ALLERGY ADVICE: for allergens including gluten, see ingredients in bold. This product contains gluten.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Kosher approved.

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