Do i need puddings or dessert ? Apple crumble Recipe




You tell me ..your know each time this cannot happen but your still feel your want something nice and crunchy and not over sweet but just the right flavor

Apple crumble Recipe


1/ 100-125g Plain flour

2/1-4 Table spoons Sugar

3/50 g- 70 g butter

4/ 2-4 Red apples

5/Cinnamon (powder or sticks or whatever type suits your )

Equipment needed

  1. 1 saucepan

    2. 1 wood spoon

    3. Pyrex glass dish or metal dish

    4.knife and weighing scale

    5/2 smallish bowls

Method of preparation/ oven on mark 5-7 .

1/ Peel the Apples and cut through the center into 4 pieces and core them, taking out the center and pips. Place in smallish dish.

2/Wash apples and cut into regular pieces as evenly as possible. Empty out the water and follow to number 3

3/Place a small amount of water in saucepan and add some cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of sugar, then add apples. Leave them to slightly stew boil. Till softened or stewed.

4/Use 1 smallish bowl place flour into it and the butter and use your hands (washed hands )using your fingers especially running the flour and butter through them till blended nicely together (NO FLUIDS) JUST ADD 3 tablespoons of sugar and continue to use your hands. This should now be able to run through your hands

5/Once apples are ready make sure juice or excess juice is drained or it should be none there and use wood spoon and place in the bottom of your metal or Pyrex dish

6/Then place the mixture of flour butter and sugar which is the crumble on the top of the apple.

7/Place this in the oven watching it your don t want a burnt top for 15-25 minutes.

When preparing always watch it as sometimes apple comes from the sides and what your do is when putting crumble on top of the apple ensure sides are sealed with the crumple.

8/Ready to serve can be eaten hot or cold with vanilla ice cream, cream or custard or by itself or if you know what else can go with it let others know by leaving comments below.

So it is a very simple recipe and shouldn’t take too much washing up afterwards if you don’t want cinnamon you can leave it out or if you want it and want more add as applicable. Recipes are diverse and this can serve 2 people if you think it can do more people use it for more or and you can create it to your own needs diversity and changes but always keep balanced. Therefore, if you want a bigger one I tend to measure between 30g-50g per person although bear in mind with fats it would be a great deal less than this.

Also, some people cook crumble with sharp cooking green apples and love the sharpness if you do this use more water when boiling as usually these apples are more solid hard.

Thank you for reading my simple recipe and hope you enjoy it Leaves comments if you wish to join in and please be positive so others enjoy sharing .

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Thank you, Anthea xx