Debriefed ‘macaroni and cheese recipe



‘Debriefed macaroni and cheese’ recipe

You may be watching your cholesterol or wanting to eat less fat and less…

Maraconi. Maraconi made to set weight is helpful, to weight quantity and still have a nice meal. 

if you prefer not to eat this type of hard cheddar then don’t but cheese is still OK in quantity control.

We are taking out the egg the butter and the large quantity of Cheddar cheese and using 50gram and ‘less than 50 grams’ quantity.

Equipment needed:1 Saucepan,1 round or whatever shaped tray 1 wooden spoon 1 metal spoon and a calendar.

Ingredients:50 grams cheddar cheese,50 grams of pasta, 1/4 to 1/2 an onion, black pepper.

Method and application:

1)Boil the 5o grams of pasta in cool water quite high flame.Use wooden spoon to stir.

2)grate the 50 grams of cheddar cheese and grate the onion too

3)Place small amount of cheese in metal tray base.

Boil it possibly it will take hopeful half hour.

4)Place hot boilt pasta into calendar and add cheese and leave tiny amount of cheese out also add nice amount of black pepper

5)Stir the macaroni and cheese onion and black pepper together.Using the metal spoon.

6)Place macaroni and cheese mixture on top of the awaiting cheese based tray so that is a lining of cheese on base span the macaroni on top then add a sprinkle of cheese to the top ..

7)Place in the oven for short time just to ‘brown and cook till bit firm ‘ the macaroni cheese it should come out brown on the top and bonded able to be cut into portions.

This is all you need (can put less quantity of cheese if you wish and the onion will give flavor and the black pepper.

Why I suggest less cheese is if you wish to reduce then use the onion and a touch more black pepper when mixing before placing in the oven. This can feed a few possible 4 if moderate portions or some would eat the whole thing for 1 person…this is up to you !

Also, the idea of raw grated carrot of course is very nice with Maraconi ad cheese.

I will leave the salad up to you and enjoy the creation of it.

So the good thing about this recipe is its simple and excludes the excessive butter, egg and large excess cheddar cheese. Still giving a nice enough meal with a lovely salad of your choice. Try it if you wish and please leave me comment and if you wish to contact me my email is

There are many ways of making Maraconi and cheese though i have even tasted lovely ones with walnuts added to them such a difference and great to try too.If you know of diverse Maraconii and cheese recipe dont be shy in sharing so others can also use and see and try ..Thank you Anthea xx