Casava Gari with tomato dip sauce



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This is beautiful for anyone, who hasn’t tried cassava or we call it gari it is very nice and simple to prepare !

Detail of recipes which there are 2 separates, the cooking of the cassava and the creation of the tomato base dip sauce. But I want to give you and idea of where you can get the product gari from and what it looks like so bear with me I will detail below and give a picture hopeful this will help.


  • May contain Cereals containing Gluten.


Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep tightly closed.


Typical Values Per 100g
of which saturates
of which sugars

I traveled to Zimbabwe years ago when I had been training within a primary school with a teacher and myself and my then Jamaican pal traveled and did a report on the primary school and took sessions there. During meal times I had been given this to eat with cabbage and as I only eat vegetables it seemed enjoyable. Having returned from that visit to Zimbabwe I then found it in the local Asian shop. But as you can see above it can be bought Amazon and variety of other places.

Ingredients require

Gari, water, tomatoes or tinned tomatoes, garlic. Onion.olive pepper small pitch of sea salt or salt, tiny bit mar mite.or if you prefer you may use another flavouring e.g veggie stock cube or create your own flavouring.

Equipment required

1 saucepan, 1 frying pan, 2 or 1 wooden spoon, 1 knife

Method of preparing Gari Casava

1) Very simply pour the amount of Gari into saucepan 30-50grams per person

2)Add water and place on Stowe to cook, stirring all the time with wooden spoon

3)I do not usually add seasoning but it is up to you I love it plain I do not even put salt..however if you do want to do them in small diced form and e.g onion garlic or whatever you wish to add and place them in early giving time to cook. But I usually keep it just plain and it will thicken.

Method of preparing tomatoes sauce

1)Add water to frying pan

2)Place onions and garlic, black pepper mar mite, small bit salt if you wish I don’t usually use salt.

3)Add tin of chopped tomatoes or if using fresh tomato/chop them small

4)Then add a dollop of olive oil dead cent re and let it boil and it should shrink because of the oil place in cent re

5)when this shrinks it is good and the smell is lovely you can add other veg to it if you like but i usually just like the flavour of mar- mite tomato and gari.

Once cooked down and ready to eat place gari on one side of plate and some tomatoes sauce on the other and you have a simple meal.

Sorry no picture of this meal but you will have to Create it to see for yourself and if you need support contact me my email is